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B’Clone Saudi Dates farm is the first Commercial date farm in Kerala. The Tissue culture date palms which produced through the Organogenesis technology were imported from Saudi Arabia and planted in this farm. Uniformity in field, free of pest & diseases, rapid growth & strong rooting system are the main advantages of this technology. 11 commercial international high yielding varieties of dates are cultivating here. Internationally well-known 11 commercial varieties like Medjhool, Ajwa, Safawi, Sukkary, Khedry, Khenizi, Nabuit Ali, Nabut Saif, Bouskri, Boufagous & Male are cultivating in this farm.

These clones were produced in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by International date palm Clone expert Mr. Biju Mullassery Gangadharan through organogenesis technology in which the resulted plantlets will be exact like that of mother plant or true to type plants. The main objective of the farm is to meet the need for excellent types & commercially important date palm varieties in both South Indian & National markets.

Dates Nutrition factors by variety

Dates are healthy substitute for the white sugar in recipes due to their sweet taste, nutrients, fiber and antioxidants


Ajwa dates are known to be the dates from the paradise. Ajwa is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is considered to be effective in poverty, abdominal cancer, prevent anemia, strengthen the nervous system, protect heart and circulatory system and uses for the treatment of hypertension. Ajwa seeds powder prevents the constriction of blood vessels, strengthen the heart and improves the cardiac function.


Is considered to be the “King of Dates”. Contains 12% of the daily requirement of fibre. Medjhool dates help to promote digestion and used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Medjhool dates are naturally sodium free which help reduce the risk of heart and kidney disease. It’s an excellent source of phytonutrients and plant compounds.


Safawi dates are a soft, moist variety of dates that mainly grow in Saudi Arabia in the Al-Madina region. These are semi-dried variety of dates characteristically identified by their particular deep black color, their length and medium size. These dates are known for their healing properties. If eaten on an empty stomach, they kill stomach worms. They’re also famous for their high mineral content.


Sukkari dates are characteristically very sweet, and they are more succulent than standard dates. They are high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Sukkary dates well to maintain a balanced level of water in the body. Sukkari dates contain a high amount of natural fiber in it due to which its regular intake has the health benefit of improving digestion problems.


Khedry dates are a semi-soft type of date from Saudi Arabia. Its highly demanded by customers due to its taste, freshness, and reasonable price. The health benefits of khedry dates for those who are in diet control is that it tends to make one resistive towards hunger due to its nutrition value.


Khenaizi dates are soft, medium-sized and mild in sweetness. Dark brown in color, it has a juicy texture. The Khenaizi Dates significant amounts of minerals make it a super food for strengthening bones. The Khenaizi Dates vitamins present in dates make it an ideal boost to nervous system health and functionality. Khenizi dates the lowest sugar content dates


is an aromatic, slightly caramelized date, with medium-soft consistency. It is very popular in Morocco & Tunisia.

Nabuit Ali

Important variety in Qassim, Saudi Arabia area. The fruit with few fibers consumed as Rutab and Tamar stage. Fruits matures in mid-season.

Nabut Saif

Yellow khalaal, oval shaped fruit of medium size. Mid to late ripening. Eaten soft or dry. Described as rich and delicate in flavor& consumed as Rutab and Tamar stage.

About Us

We grow date palms by adopting tissue culture technology, which enables farmers to select only the best trees as every plant produced from the cut stem is genetically identical to the parent tree


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